Computer Repair Tips

do it yourself pc repair

If your computer develops a fault, before you fork out for professional computer repair, here are some easy tips to try yourself.  None of these solutions risk further damage to your computer if you follow the steps carefully. 

Responsive Web Design 101: Get to Know More About Responsive Web Design

responsive design and layout

Just a few years ago, businesses deemed it very important to have a Web site to help market their products and services.  Nowadays, they are looking to get their Web sites on mobile.  The problem, however, lies in that regular HTML Web sites do not appear right on mobile devices.  For quite some time, Webmasters have used two major techniques in making mobile Web sites work.

What to do before calling your web designer

web design

First of all, you need to determine what kind of website you need and what your site is supposed to do.  Is your website going to be an eCommerce site that sells products and services?  Is it strictly for brand name recognition?  Does your site offer some sort of online customer service?  Do you want your site to gather information about visitors?

Create your own games with Game Maker: Studio

YoYo Games

Ever though about making your own games?  Game Maker: Studio is the software to get you started.  You don't have to learn programming right away and you can still create great games for many platforms including PC, Android, iOS, Facebook and more!